Model a Steel Building in SOFiSTiK SOFiPLUS

This course teaches you how to model a steel building in SOFiSTiK SOFiPLUS.

Model a Steel Building in SOFiPLUS

You will model a three-storey steel structure with various cross sections from scratch to practise the workflow.

Covered Topics:

  • New project
  • Use of standard cross-sections
  • Grid system
  • Use of structural elements (structural lines, structural points)
  • Point supports (multiple assignments)
  • Group definition and assignment
  • Working with the SOFiPLUS Filter
  • Load assignment
  • Load Distribution Areas
  • How to combine and analyse loads in SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (user-defined and automatic)
  • SAF (Structural Analysis Format) to export data to IDEA StatiCa

Used SOFiSTiK Version: 2023

To learn more about SOFiSTIK and IDEA StatiCa, watch this free webinar!