SOFiPLUS Email Series

The SOFiPLUS Email Series is the perfect opportunity for you to start using SOFiPLUS as a graphical pre-processor for SOFiSTiK FEA.

Over 30 days, you will receive tips and tricks on creating and modifying elements, explanations about SOFiPLUS, input options, and much more to make your daily work in SOFiPLUS more efficient and fun. Learn something new daily and improve your SOFiPLUS skills in less than 5 minutes a day!

Sign up for the free SOFiPLUS Email Series and benefit from my personal experience gained over the years as a structural and bridge engineer and teaching SOFiPLUS to SOFiSTiK users around the world.

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You are just diving into the basics of SOFiPLUS? Then it is time for some Tips & Tricks to master the AutoCAD-based pre-processor of SOFiSTiK.