Why SOFiSTiK for you?

The cornerstone for this platform was laid while a simple question popped up during an introductory training course – “Do you have a getting started guide for our structural engineers”? After sending the guide the idea of providing information about SOFiSTiK online was born.

All started with a blog hosted on www.guidoaltersberger.com in 2017 to share workflows, command explanations, news, and more about SOFiSTiK. After a couple of years, to be more precise 3.5 years, the blog became www.sofistikforyou.com and a place for SOFiSTiK users and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experience.

Meet the Author

Guido Altersberger

Guido Altersberger

Hi, my name is Guido Altersberger.
I started using SOFiSTiK FEA along with several other finite element software products during my time at University. I then quickly learned to love the high-end capabilities combined with the powerful graphical and text input approach of SOFiSTiK. After using SOFiSTiK on different live projects for several years as a bridge engineer, I joined SOFiSTiK AG to promote the software and to train new users.
The latter was and still is a passion of mine.
Currently, I’m running SOFiSTiK’s sales branch in the UK from where I work internationally. Besides my day job, I write about news and features of SOFiSTiK FEA and create tutorials and courses for new and experienced users.