Maximise Efficiency in SOFiSTiK – Modelling with Grasshopper

Join this exciting webinar organised by featuring Andrés von Breymann, Managing Director of SOFiSTiK North America, as he demonstrates the power of Grasshopper in saving time and streamlining the modelling process within SOFiSTiK. In this inspiring session, Andrés will share practical examples and real-world scenarios to showcase the potential of parametric design in SOFiSTiK.

The webinar will be divided into three parts:

  • Introduction and a short interview with Andrés von Breymann
  • Inspiration webinar with practical examples, including five simple examples, a building example, and a bridge example
  • Q&A session with Andrés von Breymann

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Grasshopper can revolutionise your work with SOFiSTiK!

Read more about SOFiSTiK and Grasshopper here!