Parametric Definition and Structural Analysis of Ulstein Kirke in Norway

In this webinar, Felice Allievi and Pablo Tarín allow insights into their work at Degree of Freedom.
Degree of Freedom is an architectural oriented, international and flexible structural engineering firm focusing on sustainable solutions. With offices in Oslo, Valencia and Athens, the aim is to create excellent projects and value for their clients.

Snoetty Ulstein Kirke
Image Reference: Snøhetta

Besides presenting a range of timber, steel and concrete reference projects, you will hear about user-defined routines and applications to make SOFiSTiK even more powerful.

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“Parametric definition and structural analysis of Ulstein Kirke, Norway, by Snøhetta“.

Emphasising the typical open space of a church, integrating the structure in the natural terrain of the location and timber as the primary building material are the key aspects of the Ulstein Church project.

With the key aspects in mind, it was on Degree of Freedom finding the best strategy to take the Architects vision to reality. Felice will take you through the faced challenges, particularly the static concept of the multi-purpose circular timber frame structure.

User-defined routines and applications

Pablo will dive into connecting SOFiSTiK with user-defined applications such as excel, Matlab and Python to perform more advanced post-processing – to extract and visualise required results to complete the design. Based on cross-laminated timber, masonry and steel/concrete structures, different design aspects will be discussed.


  • Ulstein Church
    • How to define, import and analyse a complex free-form structure
    • How to “model” a surface done with timber frame glulam elements
    • Design performed “internally” in SOFiSTiK with their timber design procedure in AQB.


  • Cross Laminated Timber Building
    • How to design according to formulas from reference standard/manuals an orthotropic/layered material like CLT
  • Underground masonry vault
    • How to perform the shear analysis of a cracked (compression-only) material
  • Steel/concrete building
    • How to veryfy SLS limits on deflection/drift in a full 3D FEM model where raw data from SOFiSTiK includes global instead of relative joint displacements.


November 18, 2021, 12:00 – 13:00 CET


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