Parametric Bridge Design with Rhino Grasshopper

In this free webinar, Andres vonBreyman will show you how to create a parametric analytical model of a balanced cantilever bridge in Grasshopper. He is Going to attach cross-sections, placements, and any further relevant information to the road alignment. Based on these definitions a fully parametric bridge model for analysis and design is generated.

What will you learn?

  • Organize input data in a spreadsheet and create the bridge superstructure along an axis with a master cross-section, variables, and placements.
  • Define the superstructure as a spine model. Assign construction stage numbers and section Id’s to the structural lines.
  • Specify support conditions using placement names or station values.
  • Define cantilever and continuous tendons based on placement names or station values.
  • Modify the model and visualize its data in Rhino.
  • Apply permanent and variable loads.
  • Perform a construction staged analysis.

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Parametric Bridge Design with Rhino/Grasshopper & SOFiSTiK

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