How to Use Design Elements

Design elements are independent of a member’s finite element discretisation and help allow you to define design sections at any position along a structural line.

Basically, design elements enable designing at the level of structural lines, which represent structural members, rather than at finite element levels.

DECREATOR, the SOFiSTiK programme module creating the design elements, enhances subsequent design procedures by using definitions and analysis results from other SOFiSTiK program modules and transferring finite-element results to design sections.

In this video, Florian Hemetsberger explains the workflow step-by-step on a simple T-Beam example.

In this video, Florian shows you the necessary steps for using SOFiSTiK Design Elements in an earthquake analysis. He integrates the results of the earthquake analysis for the shear walls and shows the key points to use them in SOFiSTiK.