Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges

In this free webinar, Deepak Prajapati, Force Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd., introduces you to the analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges.

The webinar starts with a short introduction explaining the critical non-linear effects and the basic design process for Cable-Stayed Bridges. Followed by the initial cable force determination for dimensioning of cables and a construction stage analysis to calculate the initial jacking forces. Furthermore, you will see the pre-camber control and static analysis for live loads.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction
    • Non-linear effects
    • Design Process
  • Initial cable force determination
    • Traditional methods
    • Form/force finding with Sofistik
  • Construction stage analysis
    • Backward and Forward analysis
    • Force finding in construction stage analysis
    • Camber control
  • Static analysis
    • Live load analysis

Date: 25/02/2021