2D Slab Design

The first attempt at using new software can be a challenge. Dealing with applications to cover complex topics such as analysis and design of structures doesn’t make it easier. What is the best way to start – one advice, start getting familiar with the general workflow on a simple example.

Avoid diving into a 30 storey high rise building or a cable stay bridge. Keep it simple and focus on the basics. It’ll help to get a better understanding of how everything fits together. And to allow your skills to grow it’s important to get the chance of testing different features on uncomplicated models.

I’ll cover the necessary tasks to set up a 2D slab and run the analysis and design only. You’ll not find a detailed explanation of the inputs and tasks. The focus is on the workflow to set up your first example using SOFiSTiK in less than 20 minutes.

The following steps will be shown roughly:

  • Material
  • System
  • Loads – Dead load and variable load
  • Analysis – Linear
  • Load combination and superpositioning
  • Design of required reinforcement

Software version: SOFiSTiK FEA v2018-03.