Unveiling the Power of SOFiSTiK for Arch Bridge Construction

SOFiSTiK is a versatile powerhouse in structural engineering, offering comprehensive solutions for creating and analysing complex construction stages. In this video, Jürgen Bellmann takes us on a journey through the remarkable capabilities of SOFISTiK.

The adventure begins with an insightful overview of kinematic examples. Jügen demonstrates the software’s proficiency in handling the incremental launching processes, a critical aspect of this arch bridge construction example.

Jürgen also delves into the nitty-gritty, explaining the essential TEDDY-Code required for executing the launching process seamlessly within the Construction Stage Manager (CSM).

The pivotal question arises as the project takes shape: Linear or Nonlinear analysis? Fear not, for Jürgen shares valuable insights to help you choose your specific system.

In exploring SOFiSTiK’s capabilities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how this software empowers engineers to tackle intricate arch bridge projects with confidence and efficiency. So, join Jürgen on this journey and unlock the potential of SOFiSTiK for your structural endeavours.