SOFiSTiK Nordic Conference 2016 | OSLO

The primary focus of the SOFiSTiK event this year is to present connectivity, an insight of selected features and workflow optimisation by using CADiNP.

Session 1:

  • SOFiSTiK in General
  • SOFiSTiK and its Interfaces
  • Using scripted language TEDDY to optimize your workflow and improve efficiency

Session 2:

  • A Selection of Features in more Detail
  • BIM Workflow 2016 in connection with SOFiSTiK.

Session 3:

  • “Temporary Structures of bridges during Construction Stages.”
    Presented by Lehrgeüstbau GmbH
  • “Stress-Ribbon Bridge Design with SOFiSTiK” and “Beam versus Shell FEM Models.”Presented by Degree of Freedom.

Session 4:

  • “Integration of Forces in Shell Elements from Modal Analysis.”
    Presented by Olav Olsen.
  • “FRP Pedestrian Bridge Norway, Bridge Paradis” and “Design Prefabricated Girder Viaducts with Excel / Dynamo / Revit / SOFiSTiK.”
    Presented by Royal HaskoningDHV.

SOFiSTiK and Its Interfaces

Get insights about available interfaces of as well as supported programming languages.

SOFiSTiK and Its Interfaces – Usermanuals (zip)

SOFiSTiK and Scripting Language – CADiNP

Learn how to start using CADiNP and optimise your workflows.

SOFiSTiK Scripting Language CADiNP – Examples (zip)

Features in Detail

Learn more about CABD – Computer Aided Bridge Design, Volume Models and Hybrid Structures.

Features in Detail – Examples (zip)

Building Modelling and Calculation – Revit and SOFiSTiK 2016

Introduction of 2D, 3D and 4D analysis using Revit and SOFiSTiK 2016.

Precast Pretensioned Beam 2016-EN

The workflow for a precast pretensioned beam in more detail.

BIM Workflow in Structural Engineering using Revit 2016 and SOFiSTiK 2016

Get a brief introduction of the BIM workflow for structural engineering in Revit 2016 and SOFiSTiK 2016.