Non-Linear Temperature in Quad Elements

In addition to the standard options of assigning a temperature difference in the local z and x, and y-direction, SOFiSTiK allows you to assign a non-linear temperature in the local z-direction.
In this video, I will talk you through the workflow principles which require the Text Input of SOFiSTiK.

Besides the model creation, the workflow consists of two steps

  • Definition of the Non-Linear Temperature in programme module SOFiLOAD
  • Analysis of the Non-Linear Temperature load case in programme module ASE

Enjoy watching the video!

Software version: SOFiSTiK 2022-04

Consider running the non-linear temperature load cases as a non-linear analysis in ASE. Use the following input below CTRL OPT NLAY VAL 10: SYST PROB NONL NMAT YES