Cable Optimisation with Deformation Targets

In this comprehensive video presented by Jürgen Bellmann, SOFiSTiK AG, viewers are guided using deformation targets in a CSM (Construction Stage Manager) staged analysis.

The tutorial highlights critical steps and insights to optimise structural designs efficiently. Jürgen shares valuable insights utilising deformation targets in CSM staged analysis. While emphasising using forces as targets for optimisation, he acknowledges users’ preference for deformation targets.

The tutorial begins with a demonstration using a simplified bridge model. Initial parameters such as cable shortening are defined, avoiding pre-stress insertion. The staged construction process unfolds step by step, including tower erection, segment placement, cable activation, and stress application.
Bellmann underscores the importance of starting optimisation with clear and achievable targets, focusing initially on scalable load cases. The optimisation process involves iteratively adjusting the cables to meet specific deformation goals.

To address challenges during optimisation, he introduces the concept of stage ballasts for fine-tuning node positions. These ballasts are added, optimised, and removed strategically to ensure proper alignment of structural elements.

Additionally, Bellmann discusses the complexities of deformation targets when cables affect nodes not yet activated in the construction stage. The tutorial emphasises the need for precise target setting and highlights how CSM optimally calculates the effects on non-activated nodes.

In conclusion, the tutorial provides:

  • Valuable guidance on optimising structural designs.
  • Emphasising a gradual approach to deformation targets.
  • Strategic use of stage ballasts.
  • Precision in target setting.

Viewers gain insights into efficiently achieving a balanced and well-aligned bridge structure without needing a separate precamber process.
The tutorial is valuable for engineers and designers seeking to enhance their structural analysis and optimisation proficiency using SOFiSTiK’s Construction Stage Manager (CSM).