SOFiSTiK Online Training Soil Structure Interaction with the Half Space Method

One of the most accurate methods to model soil is using 3D volumetric finite elements. This, however, requires a vast number of soil elements. And in many cases, it exceeds the number of structural elements, which is the structural engineer’s main interest.
In this online training, you will learn about the Half-Space theory and how to overcome problems when modelling soil as 3D volumetric finite elements or even considering the Winkler assumption.
With the Half-Space programme module, a sub-structuring technique is adopted. The structure will be represented using standard finite elements, while the soil will be modelled semi-analytically using the half-space theory.


  • How to model the static soil-structure interaction
  • The Winkler Approach
  • The 3D Finite Element Approach
  • What is the Half-Space Technique, and why use it?
  • Theoretical Background
    • The Principals
    • The Stiffness Coefficient Method
    • The Method of Non-Linear Residual Force Iteration
    • Soil Bore Profile Definition
    • Interpolation of Bore Profiles
    • Stresses in the Half-Space
    • Strains and Displacements in the Half-Space
      • Method according Bussinesque
      • Classical Method
    • Creating Half-Space Stiffness Matrix
    • Analysis Steps
    • Piles in the Half-Space
  • The text-based input of the HASE module
  • Examples

Session 1:

A 2-hour long video presentation explaining the agenda topics

Session 2:

A 1-hour long live Q&A session to discuss your questions you shared during or after session 1.


Session 1: 12.05.2021 10:00-12:00 CET
Session 2: Q&A Session 14.05.2021 10:00-11:00 CET



Registration and Further Details:

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