SOFiSTiK Nordic Conference 2017 | OSLO

Join the annual SOFiSTiK Nordic Conference and get informed about the new features of SOFiSTiK Version 2018. Share your experience with other users.

Session 1:

  • New Features SOFiSTiK 2018.
  • Result Viewer Diagram Assistant.
  • Result Viewer Tables and XLSX-Export.
  • Generate Reports as DOCX.

Session 2:

  • Tendon Definition with reference to a Geometry Point within the Cross-Section Editor.
  • Earthquake Workflow for Shear Walls using Design Elements.
  • HASE 3D – Halfspace Analysis for Static Soil-Structure Interaction.
  • SIX – SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension.

Session 3:

  •  “Combined BIM and analysis model with Revit and Sofistik.”
    Presented by Dr. techn. Olav Olsen.
  •  “From detail design to construction – E18 Farrisbrua.”
    Presented by Ramboll Drammen.
  • “Tunnel portal analysis in SOFiSTiK- Soil-Structure Interaction.”
    Presented by Multiconsult ASA.

Session 4:

  • “Parametric definition and structural analysis of Ulstein Kirke by Snøhetta.”
    Presented by Degree of Freedom.
  • “Thu Thiem 2 case / parametric design with Grasshopper.”
    Presented by WSP Finland
  • “Probabilistic analysis of Submerged Floating Tube Bridge across Sulafjorden.”
    Presented by Dr. techn. Olav Olsen.

Resultviewer – Diagram Assistant

Set up diagrams referred to your bridge axis or structural lines. Choose forces, design results, stresses, etc to represent them using the Diagram assistant.

Resultviewer – Tables and XLSX-Export

Create XLSX files and export analysis and design results out of Result Viewer.

DOCX Report

Create in addition to the time-proven PLB format a DOCX file for your Reports. Set up a DOCX template based on your company standards and use it for your reports.

DOCX Report – Example (zip)

BIM for Bridges – SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension

BIM-App „SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension“ for Revit 2018 provides a geometry import functionality for bridges superstructures generated by CABD. Import single girder beam bridge models out of the SOFiSTiK CDB, including axes and placement information as well tendons to represent them in Revit 2018 as free form rebars.

BIM for Bridges – Video

TENDON – Definition with Reference to a Geometry Point within the Cross Section Editor

In addition to creating tendons from Autocad lines or referring to a defined axis, a third option is available.
Refer your tendon geometry to a geometry point within your cross-section. Whether to copy and paste the parametric information from an Excel sheet or enter it from scratch within the Axis definition, every geometry is possible.

Tendon Geometry – Refer to a Cross-Section Point

Design Elements – Earthquake Workflow for Shear Walls using Design Elements

Add design elements to your structure to request additional results independent to your mesh.

Half-Space Analysis for Static Soil-Structure Interaction

Combine two approaches to handle the soil-structure interaction. Finite elements to create your structure as you acquainted with and model the soil semi-analytically using the half-space theory.