SOFiSTiK Calculation Application Window

SOFiSTiK FEA comes with quite some program modules. When using the graphical user interfaces, you might not get in touch with them immediately. However, you’ll come across them when exporting the structural model form SOFiPLUS as well as when performing a calculation in SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop. The SOFiSTiK Calculation application window organises all tasks and program modules in one place. It performs the calculation and allows to track its progress.

Independent of the performed calculation, the “Calculation” application window, or former “WPS”, needs to be started. Besides providing you with an overview of the included program modules during the calculation, the “Calculation” application window also shows a protocol, which is handy if you need to investigate errors or warnings further.
In “SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop” you can find the “Calculation” command in the similarly named section within the ribbon “Home”.


There are four main sections in the “Calculation” Application Window.

1 List of Tasks / Program Modules

On the left, you can find the tasks from the “Project Navigation” and the assigned program modules. Some of the program modules have an indicator such as a ”-“ and a “+” sign. Only program modules with a ”+” sign are performed in the calculation. The sign can be toggled with a left mouse click.

2 List of Processed Modules

The list on the right side shows the completed program modules. There is also information about warnings and errors, calculation time, as well as the number of iterations available.

3 Protocol

The protocol documents more specific information about the latest calculation. Besides the installed program module version, it shows every warning and error.

4 Module Toolbar

The Module bar on the very right is an additional option to toggle the “-“ and “+” sign in the “List of Tasks / Program Modules”.

Besides those major sections, you can also find an option which allows continuing with the calculation although an error occurred. I don’t recommend using that option if you haven’t investigated the error in detail.

Calculate All

The calculation of all tasks in the “Project Navigation” performs immediately with this command.

Calculate Tasks

If you need to perform the calculation of some specific tasks only, this command is a welcome option. The “Calculate Tasks” command allows for selecting particular tasks from the “Project Navigation” only. And to save them as a selection. Which is quite handy when calculating the same tasks frequently.

To calculate the selected tasks, confirm the selection with “OK”.

The “Calculation” application window is also available in “Teddy” and comes with some more options. If you want to learn more about it, download the Teddy – CADiNP Introduction Guide 2020.


There might not be the need for you to focus on the “Calculation” application window in that detail. However, the option to select specific tasks or program modules for the calculation is a useful one. As well as checking the protocol to get feedback about what is going on during the analysis. And to get guidance if something isn’t working as expected.

Software version: SOFiSTiK FEA v2020-02.