SOFiSTiK Advanced User Workshop in Oslo

I’m excited to announce the upcoming Advanced User Workshop in Oslo. This workshop is all about to give you insights on some of the most relevant and interesting topics in bridge design.


Part 1

+ Construction stages
Prestress, cable activation, temporary supports, hinges, precamber
+ Composite sections
Section stages, thin walled sections, t-beam philosophy
+ Creep and Shrinkage
Beam, quad and bric elements, real creep including load history

Part 2

+ Incremental launching
Workflow, moving springs, launching nose, precamber
+ Shape and force optimisation
CSM Optimisation on the final system – in construction stages

Part 3

+ Quad design, Material non-linearities
Multilayer reinforcement, cracked quad analysis, springs, push over
+ Geometrical non-linearities
TH3, cable sagging, buckling eigenvalues, warping
+ Dynamics
Modal analysis, time step analysis, nonlinear effects, hysteresis

Part 4

+ CSM DESI Bridge design
Actions, superposition, crack design, decompression check, fatigue


06.11.2019, 09:00 – 17:00


Dr. techn. Olav Olsen
Vollsveien 17A
1366 Lysaker
Oslo, Norway

Registrations and Details

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