Selection of Features and Workflows

On December 15, 2020, SOFiSTiK is hosting a webinar to introduce to you a selection of features and workflows.

Parametric Modelling & Analysis Data Generation with  Rhino/Grasshopper/SOFiSTiK

Learn about the parametric modelling workflow with Grasshopper as pre-processor.

How to use SOFiSTiK Design Elements – “DEcreator”

The capability for integrating shell results was improved with the implementation of the DEcreator program module.

Create fabrication shape (IFC) with SOFiSTiK FEA

You will see how the SOFiSTiK model geometry can be brought into a format which is easy to share within different BIM platforms.

Smart Data Exchange using SOFiSTiK Excel Interface

Extract results from the database using the SOFiSTiK Results Application and its XLSX interface.

Watch the Selection of Features and Workflows webinar