Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge – Online Course

SOFiSTiK AG rolled out a free Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge Online Course. The course covers the entire workflow of modelling, analysing and designing a beam bridge. A must watch if you just started using SOFiSTiK FEA for bridge design. And an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge if you are an experienced user already.

Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge

You will learn

  • How to build a beam bridge model from scratch using the parametric modelling in AutoCAD.
  • How to apply loads in SOFiPLUS.
  • How to create tendons using the graphical wizard.
  • How to apply traffic loads using influence lines.
  • How to set up a construction sequence.
  • How to combine loads.
  • How to perform the design of beam elements
  • How to create a Report.

It’s a great course to get familiar with the workflow of SOFiSTiK FEA and bridge design.

A huge Thank You to György Schmidt, who did an amazing job to put this course together.

Curriculum: Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge

1. General Introduction

2. User Defined Cross Sections – SOFiPLUS Cross Section Editor

3. Parametric Modelling in SOFiPLUS – The Computer Aided Bridge Design Concept

  • Lesson 3.01: Concept and Creation – Axes, Placements and Variables
  • Lesson 3.02: Definition of Structural Lines and Mesh Generation
  • Lesson 3.03: Definition of Non-Effective Areas in Cross-Sections
  • Lesson 3.04: Cross Member Editor – Support Definition
  • Lesson 3.05: Secondary Axis – Definition and Possibilities

4. Actions and Load Types

5. Post-Tensioning

6. Text Input – Introduction

7. Result Sets – RSET

8. Linear Calculation of Load Cases

  • Lesson 8.01: Linear Analysis of Single Load Cases
  • Lesson 8.02: Primary Results – Overview in System Visualisation
  • Lesson 8.03: Primary Result – Review in Result Viewer
  • Lesson 8.04: Primary Results – Visualisation in SOFiSTiK Graphic

9. Traffic Load Definition

10. Construction Stage Manager (CSM)

11. Construction Stage Manager (CSM) – Superpositioning

12. Construction Stage Manager – Design

13. Report Generation – Graphic (Wingraf)

14. Report Generation – Result Viewer

15. Report Generation – Report Browser

16. Conclusion

17. Download the Project Files

The used version for this courses is SOFiSTiK FEA 2020 – SP 6.