Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge – Online Course

SOFiSTiK AG rolled out a free Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge Online Course. The course covers the entire workflow of modelling, analysing and designing a beam bridge. A must watch if you just started using SOFiSTiK FEA for bridge design. And an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge if you are an experienced user already.

Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge

You will learn

  • How to build a beam bridge model from scratch using the parametric modelling in AutoCAD.
  • How to apply loads in SOFiPLUS.
  • How to create tendons using the graphical wizard.
  • How to apply traffic loads using influence lines.
  • How to set up a construction sequence.
  • How to combine loads.
  • How to perform the design of beam elements
  • How to create a Report.

It’s a great course to get familiar with the workflow of SOFiSTiK FEA and bridge design.

A huge Thank You to György Schmidt, who did an amazing job to put this course together.

Curriculum: Post-Tensioned Beam Bridge

1. General Introduction

2. User Defined Cross Sections in SOFiPLUS Cross Section Editor

3. Parametric Modelling in SOFiPLUS

  • Lesson 3.01: Concept and Creation – Axes, Placements and Variables
  • Lesson 3.02: Definition of Structural Lines and Mesh Generation
  • Lesson 3.03: Definition of Non-Effective Areas in Cross-Sections
  • Lesson 3.04: Cross Member Editor – Support Definition
  • Lesson 3.05: Secondary Axis – Definition and Possibilities

4. Actions and Load Types

5. Post-Tensioning

6. Text Input Introduction

7. Result Sets

8. Linear Calculation of Load Cases

  • Lesson 8.01: Linear Analysis of Single Load Cases
  • Lesson 8.02: Primary Results – Overview in System Visualisation
  • Lesson 8.03: Primary Result – Review in Result Viewer
  • Lesson 8.04: Primary Results – Visualisation in SOFiSTiK Graphic

9. Traffic Load Definition

10. Construction Stage Manager (CSM)

11. Construction Stage Manager (CSM) Superpositioning

12. Construction Stage Manager Design

13. Report Generation in Graphics (Wingraf)

14. Report Generation in Result Viewer

15. Report Generation in Report Browser

16. Conclusion

17. Download the Project Files

The used version for this courses is SOFiSTiK FEA 2020 – SP 6.