Parametric Modelling of Metro Bridges in SOFiSTiK

Bridge design is a dynamic process and it challenges you as a bridge designer to constantly adapt to changes during the design process.

Whether it is a minor or a major change, you may have to completely rebuild your model. In this webinar, Force Structural Engineers and SOFiSTiK UK would like to introduce you to the concept of parametric modelling of bridges in Autodesk AutoCAD. Using the graphical input method, you can easily make changes to your model.

Force Structural Engineers used a similar concept in SOFiSTiK to design curved metro bridges in Ahmedabad. The project was challenging not only because of the curved nature of the bridges but also because the turnaround design time was quite small.

Established in 2013, Force Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is an employee-owned company that provides engineering services for the construction of infrastructure projects. The Mumbai based company is specialized in all kinds of bridges including long-span like cable-stayed, balance cantilever and extradosed bridges.


  • Principals of visual parametric modelling in Autodesk Autocad
  • Project presentation from Force Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Watch the Webinar Recording

Parametric Modelling of Metro Bridges – Webinar Recording