How to Access Traffic Load Positions

For traffic load optimisation, knowing the exact load position of the traffic loads is beneficial.

When using the load stepping method, this information exists straight away. However, when using “Traffic Loader” (ELLA), additional steps are necessary.

György Schmidt explains in his video the workflow of how to extract the precise load position based on results generated with the influence line method (ELLA) from the database.

  • Perform an influence line analysis with the “Trafic Loader” task or use the Textinput and program module ELLA.
  • Insert a “Text Editor” Task from the task library.
  • To extract the traffic loads from the database, the program module SOFiLOAD and the command COPY are required.
  • In the command, COPY enter the required input such as
    • Traffic load result case
    • Factor
    • Type
    • Lane number
    • Case
    • Element number
  • Save the extracted information into a new load case by entering the command LC before the COPY command
  • Rund the calculation of the “Text Editor” task.