Grasshopper SOFiSTiK Tekla – Design Bridges like a Pro

Join Andrés, SOFiSTiK AG, and Krzysztof, LEARN GRASSHOPPER, for an exclusive MasterClass on the world’s best bridge design workflow, featuring Grasshopper, SOFiSTiK, and Tekla Structures. Led by Andrés, an expert in the connection between SOFiSTiK and Grasshopper, this practical class will take you through the complete workflow for designing a prestressed concrete bridge.

Session 1: Andrés will show you how to create geometry from scratch in Grasshopper and link it to SOFiSTiK FEA, while Krzysztof will demonstrate how to create the geometry in Tekla Structures.

Session 2: Andrés will demonstrate how to perform structural analysis in SOFiSTiK FEA. And Krzysztof will show you how to create reinforcement in Tekla Structures based on input from SOFiSTiK.

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