Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK Workflow – Introduction on a Truss System

Learn how to model a Truss System with Grasshopper and analyse it with SOFiSTiK in this free mini-Course.

Build the Grasshopper script of a Truss System and add the SOFiSTiK Grasshopper components to create the analytical model. After applying loads to the bottom chord, you will perform the linear analysis.

Truss Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK

What will you learn in this free SOFiSTiK Mini-Course:

  • How to build a parametric truss geometry in Grasshopper
  • How to define design code and materials
  • How to create structural elements for all members
  • How to add loads to the bottom chord
  • How to perform the analysis of the structure within Grasshopper