Connect and Calculate a Teddy Project with Excel

There is no doubt about it; spreadsheet applications are the most used applications for sorting data, creating quick calculations, and a lot more things to make an engineer’s life simpler.

Connect and Calculate a Teddy Project with Excel

SOFiSTiK offers already a great feature to export data as an XLSX file, but to get information from Excel to SOFiSTiK is, besides Grasshopper, limited to the Copy/Paste workflow.

This tutorial will teach you how to connect an Excel Workbook with a SOFiSTiK Teddy project (.dat file).

You will hear about the text input of SOFiSTiK and its syntax CADiNP, Visual Basic for Application in Microsoft Excel, and how to connect both applications.

As I’m not an expert in VBA myself, please don’t expect an in-depth explanation of this topic. I will show what I managed with some help from GOOGLE to put the VBA script together.

One more thing; I used SOFiSTiK 2022 and Microsoft Excel 365 to prepare this tutorial. It is also possible to use SOFiSTiK 2020, so no need to stress your IT department to get version 2022 installed.

The workflow to connect Excel and the Teddy projects consist out of three significant steps.

  • The existing project file (.dat)
  • The Excel file as user interface (.xlsm)
  • The temporary file to connect the Excel file with the project file (.dat)

We will go through those steps one by one so that you will have the necessary scripts in place to introduce them in your project.

Watch the tutorial

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