Bridge Design with CADINP and Grasshopper

This presentation will take you through some workflows that boost the benefits obtained by the parametric capabilities of TEDDY code and the SOFiSTiK Grasshopper integration.
CADINP syntax can solve many issues caused by a continuously changing design, multiple recourses collaborating on the same analytical model and limited time to develop the model. This input format is also well suited to develop models with complex geometry or many construction stages. Some examples in this presentation will be taken from the independent check performed by COWI on Hommelvikbrua, a 230 m long steel concrete composite bridge with numerous launching and casting stages.
Presented by Audun Mathias Øvstebø, COWI AS, presented at the SOFiSTiK User Conference 2022 in Oslo.

Presentation: Bridge design with CADINP and Grasshopper